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Revenge Squad returns in SECOND STRIKE (available now)...

Let NJ McCall explain what it's all about.

My name is NJ McCall, and this is the story of how I helped to tear Port Zahir apart, and then tried to stitch it back together… with mixed results. It’s about dark obsessions, corruption in high places, killer droids with attitude, and a city coming apart along racial lines. Along the way, I sing for my life, develop an inappropriate attraction to several civil officials, am recruited by a Legion spy, and get close and personal to a perverted statue.


But most of all, it’s about finding a new family among the most unexpected people I could imagine: aliens.


Also on Launch Day: Legionary-exclusive Revenge Squad novelette, Damage Unlimited is released to signed up Legionaries. Join the Legion today.

Seventh Seal Press launch For a Few Credits More, a Four Horsemen Universe military SF anthology featuring novelettes from Tim C. Taylor and JR Handley.