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The links below still work and will take you to the old website. A fully functioning page is under development. I haven’t posted additional stories here for a while, but I will be doing more during 2016. Also, I have a novella planned exclusively for readers who have joined up to the Legionaries mailing list (which you can do here).

Portions of the Human Legion books and standalone stories are available to read here for free.

A Perilous Homecoming

[A series of stories set between the events of ‘Indigo Squad’ and ‘Renegade Legion’]

Image (c) TsuneoMP /

Image (c) TsuneoMP /

Trial of a Traitor : When the shooting stops after the civil war reaches out to his ship, an old spacer finds himself at the mercy of the victors. He’s determined to make his last stand with dignity. {SPOILERS! Don’t read this unless you’ve finished Book2: Renegade Legion}

Dreams of Victory :  Marines Hecht and Caccamo did everything together, until Hecht started getting promoted. When the glare of attention falls on Caccamo for a change, can he finally succeed on his own terms? {SPOILERS! Don’t read this unless you’ve finished Book2: Renegade Legion}

Marine Cadet 13_flatBook1: chapter01




Image (c) bluecrayola / Shutterstock

Image (c) bluecrayola / Shutterstock

My Extended Death – a serialized novelette exclusive to See the galaxy through the eyes of an alien nest-sibling.

Part 1  |  Part 2  | Part 3  | Part 4  | Part 5 | Part 6Author’s Notes


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    When will book 3 4 5 and 6 be out. Can’t find on line. The human legion series

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    Thanks for the side stories!

  3. SGT Mike says:

    Can’t wait!!

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