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=The Tranquility System

Tranquility system lies to spinward of Earth, near the Muryani frontier. We do not have reliable data for early settlement of the system, but informed speculation is that the system was first settled by an unknown alien species as a mining outpost approximately 800,000BCE. Not long after a self-sustaining colony was operationally, the system was conquered by the White Knights and incorporated into their empire, where it stayed until the outbreak of the civil war.

With the sporadic outbreak of frontier wars in recent centuries, Tranquility System has gained importance as both a military supply depot and a fuel mining and refining station. The name ‘Tranquility’ can be used to refer to the star, the entire star system, or just the planet of Tranquility-4. The full Jotun bifurcated noun for the system is Tranquility-Growth, though this is rarely used by humans.

A Brief Tour through the Tranquility Star System

Tranquility (star) – A main sequence star with a very strong stellar wind of high energy particles, and an emission spectrum high in ultraviolet.

Tranquility-1, -2, and -3 – The inner three planets are small, rocky, and airless planets. Mining operations concentrated here in the early life of the system’s colonization, but ceased within the past 100,000 years.

Tranquility-4 – A habitable planet of approximately Earth size and atmosphere. The low concentration of metals in the planet’s core means the magnetosphere is weak. As a result, the sunlight reaching the planet’s surface is lethal without proper shielding. A human shielded by nothing more than a hat and light clothing made from conventional textiles will die in approximately 3-4 weeks.

There is some cultivation of Earth crops engineered to survive the conditions, and of Earth animals to graze on them. Whether these Earthly bio-enclaves would survive without careful husbandry is uncertain. Cultivation extends to several more crops and food animals that are part of the White Knight Universal Food System, meaning that service personnel had the enzymes and adaptive digestion programs to process these foods.

In human-centric terms, there are two main areas of settlement, centered on the two main Marine depot bases: Detroit in the Gjende Mountains on the continent of Baylshore, and Beta City in the middle of Lake Sarpedona on the other large continent of Serendine. However, there are also continental-scale underground settlements created by two delving species: the Hardits and Trogs.

Tranqulity-4 has two moons. On the larger one, Antilles, ore processing remained active until recently, using raw materials sent here from the outer system. The smaller moon, Metius, is more distant, and is extending its orbital radius by 20 meters per year for reasons unknown.

Tranquility-5: Klug – The planet of Klug is an unwelcoming world of high pressures and toxic acid clouds. Little is known of the planet other than that it features a native lifeform nicknamed the sludge-puddle, which in appearance resembles a greasy pool of mercury several meters in diameter.

Tranquility-6: (inner asteroid belt) – The sixth orbital path in the ecliptic plane is a mix of carboniferous, silicate, frozen volatiles, and high-metal content objects. The belt is mostly mined out.

Tranquility-7: Daiyna – A gas giant with several moons large enough to sustain significant populations. At the outbreak of the civil war, the Daiyna planetary system was colonized by the Hardits who maintained a fuel mining and processing station, dry dock, and ore processing plants.

Tranquility-8: (outer asteroid belt) – A region in the outer system between three and four times the orbital radius of Daiyna. Has a higher concentration of heavy metals than the inner asteroid belt, but distances between objects is greater. After extraction and pre-processing, most ore is sent down into the inner system for further processing on Daiyna or Antilles.

Tranquility-9: (Kuiper Belt) – On the outermost commercial edge of the system, this is a region that consists largely of frozen volatiles (especially methane, water, and ammonia) arranged in a series of low-density rings that ripple with the disruptive effect of a handful of rocky planetoids.

Tranquility-10 (Sensor array) – An artificial construct of rocky objects placed in a spherical array beyond the Kuiper Belt. The distances between individual nodes in this array is vast, but close enough to form a semi-sentient early warning system. It is speculated that the planetoids in the sphere also house missile batteries, cyber-war factories, and that the sphere is linked using FTL chbit entanglement with White Knight sector command.


  1. Dear Mr. Taylor,
    First let me say that I am enjoying learning about “The Human Legion” (THL) almost as much as I enjoy reading your remarkable stories. Which means I enjoy both very much indeed. I’m going to stick to THL for this comment. Your written descriptions concerning background data of THL are simply marvelous. You have a wonderful knack for educating the unwashed masses (me, and others to be sure) in complex concepts. I’m a life long reader of all things fantastical and/or Science Fictional. While other authors have tried to explain some of the same concepts – physics, astronomy, military operations, hardware, etc… – they’ve not been as successful in helping me to understand as you have. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say your information and the way you present it adds extra layers of entertainment and enjoyment to my reading experience. One request from a more visual type of learner. A map. Specifically, of Tranquility the planet. I mentioned a life long love of the Fantasy genre. Combine that with my geographic bent and perhaps you can see why a map would ratchet up my enjoyment factor exponentially. Astrological charts would be cool too. I’m immensely satisfied with everything as is. Just a request from a newly inducted THL recruit.

    • timctaylor says:

      Dear Mr. Pendragon (or should that be Your Highness, the King?) Welcome to the Human Legion and I’m so very glad you enjoy my background ramblings. I do enjoy writing them but I’m forever having to think whether to put my time into writing the next book, or background info, or short stories. You’ve helped me firm my mind to post something on a topic we often take for granted in SF: food! I’m definitely looking into star charts and the like for the fourth book which does move around a bit more. I think we’re going to see four star systems. Some in more detail than others. I’m thinking of putting these in the book as well as on the website. I’m still investigating, but some of these starmapping systems do planet building. If I can produce a 3D model of Tranquility then that would be well worth doing, and also a test case because I’m not giving too much away I think (the clue’s in the book titles) by saying that the fifth book will feature the homeworld of the White Knights and the sixth book will feature Earth. Lots still to come! Thanks again for letting me know you’re enjoying the website. That means a lot to me. Tim

  2. SGT MIKE says:

    You spelled TRANQUILITY wrong on your fifth planet. Remember to add that N in TRAN! 🙂

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