Class Name: DS26C

Principal Function: General-purpose micro craft

Acceleration: Slow

Agility: Limited

Armor: Light

Armament: Variable

Crew: 2-3

Atmospheric Flight Capability: None

Description: The DS26C is essentially similar to the Stork-class shuttle but is smaller, cruder, and more limited in capability. That doesn’t make it worthless. In comparison with other shuttle types, a much greater proportion of the DS26C’s volume is available for load carrying. It achieves this greater efficiency by sacrificing speed, agility, and armor. When used in a troop-deployment capacity, the DS26C employs the same quick-release harness system as the Lysander and Stork, but with a capacity of up to 35 Marines.

Although in many ways a less impressive craft than the larger Stork, the light DS26Cs do more than fill the gaps in the hangar bays. They have proved their worth on many occasions.

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