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May 18th 2021

Theogony Books has just released the fourth Chimera Company novel, Smuggler Queen.  The fifth, Hold the Line, is now with the publisher and due for launch July 2nd. Hold the Line will be an 'end of season' novel after which there will be a break before I write a new season of Chimera books.

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I've listened all the way through The Fall of Rho-Torkis audio, narrated by the fabulous Steve Campbell. Wow! It's a treat. The title is working its way through retailer queues. Steve's booked up to narrate all five of the Chimera novels.

If you've already read some or all of the old Chimera Company serials, you can see how these new novels fit in with the 2019 releases inside Legion Bulletin #99.

Over in the worlds of the Four Horsemen Universe, all three Spine Nebula novels are now out in audio, kicking off with Endless Night here.

I've written a field guide to the Four Horsemen Universe here.

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