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December 15, 2015

Marko Kloos interviewed

Not by me, unfortunately, but there’s a podcast interview by the #Wrongfun podcast team that they carried out at the recent Honorcon militarySF convention at Raleigh, NC. [The interview is episode 7, which you can find here.] It’s a small world, because a guest of honor at next year’s Honorcon is Christopher G. Nuttall, and in a few days I’ll be announcing a collaboration that Chris and I are working on together. If you don’t know about Marko Kloos and his ‘Frontlines’ series, then I recommend you check him out. I read the first book when it was still self-published by Marko, but now he’s published by 47 North (a very successful division of Amazon) which means he gets smarter covers, and has time to concentrate on his writing. Whatever the explanation, his series gets better with each book. In […]
December 11, 2015

Have a science fiction Christmas with Human Legion audiobooks

Tantor Media have been busy producing audio editions of the first three novels in the Human Legion series. Narrator Tom Zingarelli does a fantastic job of bringing Arun McEwan and the others to life. It is a strange experience for me to hear a voice actor speak the words I wrote in 2014.   You can hear a sample of Marine Cadet here and of Indigo Squad here. You can pre-order CDs or an mp3 download at the Tantor website (follow the links above to the audio samples). You can buy CDs from most Amazon stores too, though at the moment the purchase links seem to be for CDs only and aren’t available in Australia. The audio edition of Marine Cadet is available to pre-order now for release on December 22nd. The next two audiobooks will be launched at monthly intervals. […]
December 11, 2015

Human Dynasty – teaser

And the Human Legion begat… Human Dynasty. Phaedra Tremayne, known as Springer until this point in the story of the Human Legion, foresaw a future with Arun McEwan as the head of a dynasty, but she didn’t see herself in that vision, only a darkness that drove her to homicidal rage. If the guns ever fall silent and Arun still lives, what then? Xin, Indiya, and Springer… if any of them survive the war then what will be the next part of their stories, and will any be tied to Arun’s? The story of the Human Legion will be told in six novels. There will eventually be prequels, spin-off books and series, and short story collections, but the main series will conclude at six books in 2016. However, after the Human Legion will come Human Dynasty. Different location. Different main […]
December 10, 2015

War Against the White Knights: Teaser#4

… and he’s back again. Where were we? The dreaded man flu has kept me from the blog for a while, and have I got news to share! Let’s begin with some more of the things that have me so excited to be writing the next Human Legion novel. Starting with the Night Hummers. These mysterious aliens have been plotting the events of the Human Legion books for centuries. Or is that just more of their lies? We’ve already caught them whispering into important ears at several points. They’ve made Arun swear an oath to protect and nurture them from their coming extinction at the hands of the White Knights, but that oath has already led to the death of brave Marines in the Fall of Detroit. To the dark conspiracies and counter-conspiracies known to Jotuns, Trogs and maybe others, Arun, […]
November 24, 2015

Book recommendation: Inish Carraig by Jo Zebedee

When I notice good books on offer that I think Human Legion readers will enjoy, I’ll sometimes mention them here. This one’s a cracker! After galaxy-spanning space opera, sometimes it’s good to narrow the focus a little in time and distance. Author Jo Zebedee does that in Inish Carraig, a science fiction thriller set in and around Belfast in Northern Ireland. Belfast has seen some troubled times, but none more so than the future Jo paints of a devastated city in the aftermath of a one-sided war with an alien race. These are dangerous times, and they’re about to get more dangerous still. I enjoyed this book enormously (I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t) and it seems to be winning Jo some well-deserved attention. There’s a 99p Kindle Countdown Deal in the UK for the next five days. The […]
November 9, 2015

War Against the White Knights: Teaser#3

In Marine Cadet we learn about the Cull, that cruel ritual imposed on the Human Marine Corps by the White Knights. Everyone must submit to the possibility of being selected for the Cull. It is an absolute rule across the Empire for all subservient species. As the war begins to move from survival to expansion and conquest, the minds of our Legion characters moves forward in time to the peace that will come one day. The Legion fights for freedom but what settlement can the Legion actually win? What about the Cull? Would you bring a child into a world where you might have to order its death as part of a barbaric death ritual, and that the alternative would mean the slaughter of billions? The rapid change in circumstances back in Marine Cadet meant that in 2565AD, Class G-2 […]
November 7, 2015

More teasers: The Sleeping Legion

Secret agendas are everywhere in the worlds of the Human Legion. And here in the Human Legion production shed it’s just the same. There’s been an operation carried out in secret that will shortly be revealed. Here’s a clue now…
November 7, 2015

War Against the White Knights: Teaser#2

They’re so powerful that they dominate this region of the Trans-Species Union. The White Knights are in charge. The masters. Or mistresses? Do they even have a gender? After all, we’ve already seen Pedro who is fascinated by the whole concept of gender because it’s so alien to him [see the Trog novelette, ‘My Extended Death’ if you haven’t already]. Who are the White Knights? How did they get to be so powerful? What is their civil war all about? What do they even look like? The next book is called War Against the White Knights, and I didn’t just grab the name because it sounded cool. That cover image is taken from their world. Way back in Marine Cadet when the Detroit base has to carry out the Cull, there’s a release of imitation flek clouds in honor of the […]