March 28, 2022

Titan’s Rising: a personal journey from 1937 to 2022

I posted the following on my personal blog last Friday (timctaylor.com). Although my new book is non-fiction, it occurs to me that readers of my stories might be interested in what I wrote in Titan’s Rising about my biography and my predictions for where publishing is going. If you’re in Kindle Unlimited, you can currently get the title for free and skip to the bits that interest you. Which probably means straight to Kevin J. Anderson. LOL. Anyway, here’s the post… My latest book, out today, has its genesis in books by other writers published 52 years apart (or perhaps 73, as we shall see). One is a personal improvement book written in 1937 that has sold 15 million copies […]
December 15, 2015

Marko Kloos interviewed

Not by me, unfortunately, but there’s a podcast interview by the #Wrongfun podcast team that they carried out at the recent Honorcon militarySF convention at Raleigh, NC. [The interview is episode 7, which you can find here.] It’s a small world, because a guest of honor at next year’s Honorcon is Christopher G. Nuttall, and in a few days I’ll be announcing a collaboration that Chris and I are working on together. If you don’t know about Marko Kloos and his ‘Frontlines’ series, then I recommend you check him out. I read the first book when it was still self-published by Marko, but now he’s published by 47 North (a very successful division of Amazon) which means he gets smarter […]