August 25th 2020



One Minute to Midnight is out now. This concludes my trilogy of books in the Spine Nebula and caps all my 4HU stories to date. Co-written with Chris Kennedy, this book is my best 4HU novel yet.

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Endless Night is now out in audio. The Dark Before the Light and One Minute to Midnight will follow soon, all published by Podium. I've written a field guide to the Four Horsemen Universe here.

June 2020: Resupplied and reinforced, Chimera Company is BACK! The existing series will be republished soon by Thoegony Books as novels and new books to come. Including audio. If you're currently reading the individual issues, you can still buy or borrow individual issues for a while longer. If you've finished reading Season 2, then don't worry. The new books will follow where Season 2 left off. For more information, please see Legion Bulletin #99.

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