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The double-hitter conclusion to the Human Legion is out now. To celebrate, I'm writing a Legion side-story live, guest-hosting a Facebook Live event, and giving away drinking vessels made from the skulls of the Legion's Hardit enemies*. For details, read this blog post. *subject to availability.

 Join a mercenary company. See the galaxy. Kill the bad guys and get paid... a lot.

My Four Horsemen Universe (4HU) novel, The Midnight Sun, was published by Seventh Seal Press April 27th 2018. For more details, see the updated Other Stories page here, and hear me talk about it in this podcast. To receive an exclusive 4HU novelette featuring the same characters, Thrill Addict, join the Legion.


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In 2018, follow the Legion in its most important campaign of all: the liberation of Earth.

You can play your part in the resistance to the Hardit occupation by joining the Legion for exclusive free stories, the perfect jumping off point into the worlds of the Human Legion, Sleeping Legion, and Revenge Squad. 

Also competitions, exclusive content, news and more.

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