Fans of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files will feel right at home following the misadventures of NJ McCall and his unlikely and inhuman sidekicks as they take revenge on the gang bosses, drug cartels, private armies, and religious extremists that infest Port Zahir on the frontier planet of Klin-Tula.

The deeper NJ gets into the underworld of the city, the more he has to rely on his loyal friends. And it's just as well they have hidden talents because Port Zahir can be a darkest and most lethal place in the entire Human Autonomous Region.

Written by Tim C Taylor, Revenge Squad is a series of urban fantasy/ space opera adventure set in the worlds of the bestselling Human Legion series. Cover artwork by Vincent Sammy.

Revenge Squad News

09 May 2018 – Revenge Squad now available on Kobo, iBooks, B&N, Overdrive and elsewhere. See buy links below.

15 Sept, 2017 – Second Strike, the latest Revenge Squad novel released today in Kindle and paperback editions.

15 Sept, 2017 – Hurt U Back released as a Kindle book.

15 Sept, 2017 – Damage Unlimited, an introductory Revenge Squad novelette  released today exclusively for signed up Legionaries. Enlist today.

Dec 20, 2016 – The initial release of After War and Hurt U Back paperback.

Book1: Hurt U Back

Follow NJ McCall's misadventures on his first day at Port Zahir. This short novel is a perfect jumping off point into the world of Revenge Squad.

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Book2: Second Strike

When NJ McCall accidentally blows up the property of the most powerful man in Port Zahir, he takes revenge... on Revenge Squad. From there, things get much worse, until NJ is forced to seek sanctuary among the people he least wants to be with: aliens.

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Before he signed up with Revenge Squad, NJ McCall was isolated, a broken and forgotten old soldier. Read how a chance encounter brought him out of his despair and onto the streets of Port Zahir, working for the city's best professional retribution service.

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