Imagery of the Human Legion Universe

I created this page back in 2015 to properly attribute some of the stock art I was using. Since then I've commissioned a lot of art, notably from Vincent Sammy, some of which I've added at the end.

Most of the images used on the website and on the book covers include licensed stock images, usually modified. As part of the licensing terms, I need to give a copyright attribution. Rather than listing a lot of dry text that few people would ever read, I've decided to showcase the images in their original form, as they were intended by their creators.

If your device has a mouse, you can hover over the images for my personal notes. Tapping or clicking on the images will bring up larger versions.



  1. Love the art!!! Lance is looking mighty manly, by the by!!! Making all of the ladies swoon!!

  2. Melissa A Bryan says:

    I’m swooning…sorry I couldn’t take all the manly men, I fainted, just too sexy.

    Love the art work, Tim.

    Cheers, Melissa Bryan

  3. Melissa A Bryan says:

    Kind of behind the times…huh.

    Melissa Bryan

    • tctaylor says:

      LOL. Have you read any of JR’s books yet? I think his main character, Lance Scipio, looks so good that he must be basing the character on his publisher 🙂 LOL

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