I've set up a shop with Zazzle to put some Legion artwork on mugs. I did this to set up prizes to give away and to have something to give out at conventions, although you can buy a variety of mugs types and even beer steins with these designs. At the time of writing (May 2017) I'm running a swag competition every month for signed copies of books, mugs, CD audiobooks and the like. All you need to do to enter is be enlisted in the Legion by the end of each month. To join the legion is free, and you can do it here

I've also considered signed hardbacks, baseball caps and other such things. If you would really like to see a form of Legion merchandise that isn't available, leave me a comment. I can't promise I'll make one available, but many things are possible.

As you can see from the photos, I've road-tested a batch of coffee mugs, and I can guarantee the contents taste infinitely better when served in a Legion mug :-) If you click on the images, you can get a close up. I think they look good, but I warn you that the print process used means that the color graduations aren't as sharp as you would see on a computer screen. I think that's particularly true of the 'Hurt U Back' mug, but having shown the mug to several people for their opinion, they think I'm mad and the mug looks great. Thought I'd mention that, though.

Current designs

The Legion Awakes (The Sleeping Legion)

Hurt U Back (Revenge Squad)

Xin Lee at Second Battle of Khallini

Swordfish X-Boat attack (pictured below)

Springer from Renegade Legion

Tawfiq from The Battle of Earth (pictured below)


Finding the Human Legion Storefront

You can see the designs, customize them, and change the product their printed on at the Human Legion store on Zazzle.

Human Legion US store 

Human Legion UK store  

Human Legion DE store

Human Legion CA store

Human Legion Oz