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Outside of the Human Legion Universe I've written other novels and shorter length fiction, and continue to do so. Here's a selection of a few highlights. I will be adding to this page as I release more books.

Bayonet Books Anthologies

I've written several stories for Bayonet Books anthologies, which are packed with top indie talent.

In Storming Area 51, I tell the real story behind Area 51. 4HU and Warhammer 40k cosplayers become gladiators in alien arenas under their team boss, President Kennedy from a timeline where the Cuban Missile Crisis didn't work out welll.

A reader asked me to write more orcs. So I did in 'From the Ashes'. It's post-apocalyptic Mid-Bedfordshire with vampire deer and the last troopers of the Woburn Militia.

Backblast Area Clear was so awesome, one of the stories was nominated for the Nebula Award. Outrageously, it wasn't my one ;-) However, my entry (The Hero of Azoth-Zol) is one of my favorite stories and was the first published piece of Chimera Company fiction.

The Nebula Award nominee story was by Richard Fox and set in his Ember War series. The Nebulas are voted on by members of SFWA, a club of science fiction and fantasy authors I belong to. I had never previously bothered to vote for awards other than the Dragon Awards because the kind of fiction I admire most is not fashionable enough to get nominations. That year was the exception when I did vote.

My Area 51 tale has a character cosplaying as a CASPer from the Four Horsemen Universe. I asked the series creators whether it was okay. I think they thought it was cool, in a weird meta way, to have fiction in which their creation is cosplayed. It's not just background detail, though. The costume choice has unexpected consequences!

Beta readers for my Area 51 tale asked if I had written more in that setting. I haven't. Not yet. But if you think I should, let me know :-)

My story in Backblast Area Clear was originally intended for the Galaxy's Edge series by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole. I got my wires crossed and thought they might be making a call for anthology stories. It was far too good a story to leave on the shelf. In fact, it's probably my favorite short story.

These anthologies are released as Kindle books and paperbacks. I've listed links to the paperback below because after a set period, the eBook is discontinued (due to various rights shenanigans).

From the Ashes (2020).

Backblast Area Clear (2018).

Storming Area 51 (2019).

Anthologies & More

Based in Panama City, FL, the Adventures in the Arcane Syndicate have delivered stunning pulp adventure anthologies over the past few years. In 2018, they opened things up to more authors in the Lovecraftian madness that is the Cthulhu Edition.  

My entry in this anthology is set in Small Heath, Birmingham, England in 1925, on the road where I used to live. I saw many strange sights and often took the train into the city from Small Heath Station, but I never darted to ride it all the way back to Royal Leamington Spa. This story explains why.

Available in eBook and paperback editions with chilling illustrations for every story, you can find out more at Amazon US  |  UK  |  CA  |  AU  |  DE


Explorations: Colony

The Earth... lost. But humanity must survive. Somewhere.


Space opera | Anthology | Space adventure | Colonization | Aliens

'The Light of Distant Earth' is my novelette in this anthology of 12 leading authors, including Amy DuBoff, Scott Bartlett, and Dennis E Taylor, famous for 'We are Legion (We are Bob).

My story follows a desperate colony fleet pushed to the very edge of the spiral arm by implacable aliens. Yet even in the depth of despair, sometimes you can light a beacon of hope.

I’ve enjoyed the Explorations series of anthologies since the first one came out summer 2016. It’s classic space-oriented science fiction adventure with more than a passing nod to hard-SF. The series is loosely script edited by series supremo Nathan Hystad, and written by a range of authors but principally by the new wave of successful indy SF novelists. Like my 'For a Few Credits More' anthology in the Four Horsemen Universe, the stories are novelettes – a size in between short stories and novellas. I think that’s perfect for an anthology set in a shared universe, and I also think it’s a size that suits my writing style.

The anthology was published by Woodbridge Press in 2017.

When I wrote my story, I tried to channel my sense of wonder from reading Arthur C. Clarke as a kid. My story title is a homage via Clarke's novel, 'Songs of Distant Earth'.

Talking of Arthur C. Clarke, I used to work as a book designer, and one of the first eBooks I produced was 'Fables from the Fountain' (2011), a collection of fantastical shaggy dog stories told or set in a fictitious London pub, and very much a homage to Clarke's similar book, 'Tales from the White Hart' (1957). I've not read Clarke's original, but Fables from the Fountain is one of my favorite short story anthologies, and with the likes of Stephen Baxter and Neil Gaiman telling the stories it felt exciting at the time to be involved.

You can see a preview by tapping on the cover image or following this link.


Paperback and Kindle Editions





Explorations Colony

And there's more.

There's the two Reality War novels, and the novella Last Man Through the Gate, all of which are part of the Human Legion Universe. Although I'm proud of them, they weren't intended as military science fiction and so I'm not pushing them. I may rewrite them at some point to fit in thematically with the other Legion novels. 

I also have stories in various anthologies, but check the names as some stories appear in more than one. I'm in Total Conflict (I did the cover design for that) and the same story in Further Conflicts (which is an amazing cover and nothing to do with me). I wrote a story called 'Hill 435' for Crises & Conflicts, but if you're a signed up Legionary, you can get it for free so buy the book if you like, but not for that story. Also, Shoes, Ships & Cadavers and a bunch of print magazines from when I was starting out. The very first story I had published was called Themistocles, which won a short story competition in 2002. It was the origin story for the Human Legion. I had another Human Legion Universe story in a print magazine back in 2003, and one in a defunct online magazine in 2005. Neither of those involved the Human Marine Corps – it's a big galaxy!

I published a bunch of stories with Greyhart Press under my own name (many now de-listed while I'm thinking what to do with them) and YA fantasy/ SF stories with The Repository of Imagination under the pen name Crustias Scattermush. I'm still very proud of those.

One of the earliest short stories I wrote (in 2002, I think) still stands the test of time and is my favourite title. Sometimes it's free and sometimes it's 99c. The vagaries of Amazon, but you can see it here.

By the way, when I started being published, I decided to call myself professionally Tim C. Taylor.  I added the initial (it stands for Charles) because there were other Tim Taylors who published before me. Unfortunately, a decade later an Australian author started publishing as "Tim C Taylor" without the period. A lot of retailers and search engines think we're the same person. It's just one of those things and I don't think many people buy his books thinking mistakenly that they're mine. Anyway, if you see any of the books on this link then they're nothing to do with me: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/TimothyCTaylor  (BTW: I'm sure you wouldn't, but just to be clear, I'm pointing out this other author to avoid confusing us; please don't send him abuse!)