The Sleeping Legion

Long before the Human Legion, the personnel of the Human Marine Corps fought, laughed, feared, trained… and slept. Many secrets lie buried beneath the surface of Tranquility, and when Colonel Nhlappo launches a nuclear strike in defense of New Detroit, she awakens more than just the Marines sleeping beneath the ruins of the old Marine base.

Written by JR Handley, The Sleeping Legion is a military science fiction series set in the worlds of the Human Legion.

The struggle for control of the Tranquility system has been quietly raging since before the arrival of the first humans. The Marines didn’t start this conflict, but they sure as hell intend to finish it, because no one gets left behind.

Meet JR Handley

J. R. Handley is a pseudonym for a husband and wife writing team. He is a veteran infantry sergeant with the 101st Airborne Division and the 28th Infantry Division. She is the kind of crazy that interprets his insanity into cogent English. He writes the sci-fi while she proofreads it.

The sergeant is a two-time combat veteran of the late unpleasantness in Mesopotamia where he was wounded, likely doing something stupid. He started writing military science fiction as part of a therapy program suggested by his doctor, and hopes to entertain you while he attempts to excise his demons through these creative endeavors. In addition to being just another dysfunctional veteran, he is a stay at home wife, avid reader and all around nerd. Luckily for him, his Queen joins him in his fandom nerdalitry.

Read an in-depth interview with JR Handley here (Dec. '16)and here (March 2017).

JR Handley is a highly accomplished talker! Hear him in action on the following podcastsAlive After Reading (Nov2017), Creative Writing Career (Oct 2017), Dead Robots Society (Mar 2017).


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Meet Lance Scipio in the prequel novella.

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Lance has to whip into shape the worst squad of misfits in the Human Marine Corps. Or die.

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