Your weekly dose of science fiction adventure.

Dateline: The 59th century in the Perseus Arm of the galaxy.

Already beset by corruption and division, and bordered by the greatest superpower in the galaxy, Far Reach Federation has decayed too far to meet the challenge for which it was established three thousand years earlier: to be a bulwark against the Invaders.

The Federation needs defenders it can rely upon. It needs a beacon of hope. 


What is Chimera Company?

  • Like a TV show, new issues are released weekly.
  • Each issue delivers around 90 minutes of sci-fi adventure (on average – people have different reading rates).
  • Issues build to a season climax. A season will comprise around eight issues.
  • Soon after each season concludes, a season box-set will be available.
  • On first release, all issues can be read for free by Kindle Unlimited subscribers.
  • Chimera Company: weekly science fiction adventure that can be enjoyed even in the shadow of Mount TBR.

Chimera Company Factions

There are many factions in the divided worlds of the Chimera Company Universe. Here are a few you will meet.

The Legion

Battle Cry: "Hold the Line!"

Mission: To protect the Federation against its external enemies. The Legion possesses mobile strike forces of elite troops that can punch deep into enemy territory or launch devastating counter-attacks against invaders violating Federation space.

Origins: The Legion emphasizes its steadfast longevity by tracing roots to the ancient worlds of the Orion Spur, not only to the Human Legion during the War of Liberation, but even further in time. The Legion's motto comes from these ancient times in a long-dead language. Hic manebimus optime! It means: we're not budging for anyone, pal.

The Far Reach Militia

Battle Cry: "Liberty or Death!"

Mission: To protect the Federation against its internal enemies and provide system defense to aid the Legion's mobile reserve.

Status: Militia officers use money and influence to purchase their commissions and expect to turn a good profit; the ranks are frequently the scrapings of the penal system. Every year, federal and planetary budgets divert credits from the Legion to the Militia as the latter's allies dominate the political sphere other than the presidency, which is still controlled by their arch-rivals: the Legion. Despite this, many rank-and-file Militia troopers serve with pride and honor.

Origins: Birthed in a schism that shook the ancient Human Legion during the Orion Era, the early Militia emphasized its power as coming from the consent of the citizenry, setting itself up as a counterweight to what it perceived as the dictatorial tendencies of the Legion. Its resulting nickname of the "People's Army" is now used ironically. 

Outer Torrelian Commerce Guild

Motto: "No questions asked nor answered."

Mission: Profit. Specifically, profit free from the interference of rival factions through such means as tariffs, taxes, tithes, laws of any kind, and bribes (except bribes paid to the Outer Torrelian Commerce Guild). Rumors that senior Guild members are also federal senators and senior Militia commanders are probably accurate. In private, most people refer to the OTCG as the Smuggler's Guild, but the term is listed as objectionable in the Purity Laws. Be careful when speaking in public! Many Militia troopers were originally citizens caught voicing impure concepts and pressed into commuting the resulting penal servitude into a 25-year Militia service term.

Origin: Outer Torrelia is the kind of mythical place referred to in children's stories, but the Guild is real enough. A few speculate whether beneath the bluff, Outer Torrelia might be a real place and the secret to the Guild's undoubted power.

The Muryani Expanse

Motto: Unknown

Mission: Unknown.

Origin: Three thousand years ago, the Exiles established Far Reach Federation in the Perseus Arm of the galaxy, a staggering 12,000 light years from Earth and the other worlds of the Orion Spur. The largely unpopulated region they settled bordered a great civilization called the Muryani Expanse. Before the Legion and Militia, even before the Human Legion, when human soldiers first fought as slaves for their White Knight masters, they fought the same Muryani Expanse. Recently, Muryani Traders and explorers have become more common in the Federation; some even serve in the Militia. But the Expanse that birthed their ancestors remains a place of great mystery though undoubted power.

The Invaders

Motto: Unknown

Mission: Unknown.

Origin: A thousand years before the Exiles settled Far Reach, archaeological evidence shows a great war was fought across what is now the Tej Sector. Many ice worlds such as Rho-Torkis suffer high radiation and cold climate as the result of nuclear winter. Some speculate that so many worlds suffered this fate due to a desperate 'scorched earth' policy by the ancient defenders. But where are those defenders now, and could the Invaders return? Most Federation citizens are far too busy surviving the reality of everyday life to care much about unanswerable questions. But in those dark moments of contemplation, the question is always there: where are they now...?

Find out more...

Season 1 launches into the galaxy early in 2019, but you don't have to wait until then to enjoy more Chimera Company.

There are three prequels to read.

1. Lord Khallini: Micro-series Alpha, featuring the Militia is what the Legion's Sergeant Sybutu is pointing to in the picture at the top of the page. He's pointing to the Bookfunnel download link, but you can also get the book from Prolific Works (formerly Instafreebie). Both download services now have an app for Android and iOS that makes grabbing books super easy. Grab The Lord Khallini series from Bookfunnel or Prolific Works.

2. The Incident on Irisur: Micro-series Beta, featuring the Legion. This is currently available exclusively to signed up Legionaries, or it will be within 48 hours of me writing these words. Here's the link to sign up to the Legion for free (and leave at any time... unlike the real Legion).

3. The Hero of Azoth-Zol: a standalone novelette featuring Legion Special Missions, is OUT NOW, published as part of the Backblast Area Clear anthology, which also includes works by Richard Fox, JR Handley, MD Cooper and many others. 

4. Smuggler's Guild prequel: micro-series gamma. I'm desperately keen to write this, but I'm going to wait until I have a draft of season 2. It's sketched out, though, and features... well, that would be a bit of a spoiler at this stage, but it's a certain smuggler captain, his pilot, and how they won their ship. If you enjoy the adventures of  Captain Han Solo and Captain Mal Reynolds then you're in for a treat.

Art, Season 1 trial run and more

I hope you're enjoying the Chimera Company artwork, courtesy of Cape Town artist, Vincent Sammy. There's plenty more art to enjoy, together with back history for the Chimera Company universe and other insider information. Best of all, as soon as we're ready, I'll be doing a trial run of Season 1, releasing an issue every Tuesday to the Chimera Company Team.

How can you get involved with all this? Join the Legion and follow instructions to access the release team and the closed Facebook Group. I hope to see you around.