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April 14, 2019
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Chimera Company launch issue

The latest chapter in the Human Legion Universe story is now live with the launch issue of Chimera Company available from Amazon.

It’s a full-throttle science fiction adventure serial told in weekly episodes that will take roughly 60-90 minutes to read. And for those who would rather enjoy the story all in one go, there’s a season boxed set and audiobook on the way in the coming weeks.

You can find out more on the Chimera Company page.

Or watch the video.

Or just go ahead and buy (or borrow for free in Kindle Unlimited) the first issue from the following Kindle Stores

USA | UK | CA | AUS (and elsewhere by going to the USA site first).

If you enjoy the story, it would be a great help if you left a review on Amazon or elsewhere. I can tell you from experience that if the books don’t get good reviews, then I won’t be able to sell enough of them to keep writing the stories. Let’s hope we can keep Chimera Company running for a few more seasons. Thanks.

(BTW: I’m going to write at least three seasons, but a fourth will require a reasonable level of sales. And by the other way, if all my plans work out as I hope, then once Chimera Company is well underway, I’ll split the majority of my writing time between the serials and another series of novels… but there are a lot of achievements to unlock before I can say anything definite on that score.)

Season 1 is already written and new issues warp into action every Tuesday.

Here’s a peek at Issue#2 now.

Issue #2 cover star – Hines Zy Pel: Special Missions

Thanks for everyone’s support and assistance in making Chimera Company possible.


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  1. Melissa Bryan says:

    Got mine first thing this morning. Can’t wait to dive into a new adventure with Mr Taylor. Always have so much fun on his adventures. So many different beings, so many different worlds and time travel, oh I hope there is time travel!!!!

    I’ll let you know how much I liked it as soon as I get back to Earth in 2019.

    Melissa Bryan

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