I’m interviewed in SFFWorld.com
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May 4, 2016
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May 16, 2016
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I’m interviewed in SFFWorld.com

SFFWorld.com have just posted an interview with me here. I splurge on about the origins of the Human Legion series and other stuff besides. It’s my first interview in a long while. Why not  hop on over, take a read, and leave a comment? Comments leave a smile on the faces of the good people who put together these websites for our pleasure (plus it makes me look good 🙂 ).


In other news, like me many of you will have enjoyed the Frontlines series by Marko Kloos. Not content with writing a killer bestselling book series, Mr. Kloos has devised a recipe for the Shockfrost cocktail he mentions in his books. Frankly, that’s just showing off 🙂 I can’t say I’ve tried his cocktail yet, but if it’s as tasty as his books, then it will be a delight. Find out more here.


  1. Congrats!! I’ll check it out and leave a comment or two!!

  2. Yikes, that drink looks AMAZING!!! Wish I could try it some day, gonna have to find a friendly bartender to make it for me. 🙂

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