August 10, 2021

Time Travel Shenanigans in The Reality War

After beavering away for the last two months, I can now proudly announce that The Reality War is rewritten, polished, repainted, and now sports the words ‘2nd Edition’ on the copyright pages. For those who don’t know (and I wouldn’t blame you) the two novels in The Reality War were the first novels of mine to be published, back in 2011. Although they are set in the Human Legion Universe, they are a different style to later books, such as Marine Cadet. Consequently, I didn’t speak of them much, worrying that readers who enjoyed the Human Legion might not take to the earlier books. That, I decided, was unfair on The Reality War. It’s been bothering me for years, because […]
January 30, 2020

My orcs rise from the ashes of a post-apoc anthology

In case you missed it, my latest anthology came out last week in From the Ashes, the latest anthology from Bayonet Books. The theme for this anthology is the post-apocalypse and my story features orcs, humans and Chinese vampire deer in the ruins of Bedfordshire. I haven’t read all the other tales yet, but I read Walt Robillard’s story and its full-on action that also features orcs and humans. But the orcs in Walt’s case are three meters tall and wield sharpened road signs as axes. Nice. (Walt’s the voice talent on the Human Empire audio, BTW, which is very close to completion now). I’ve been in three of the four Bayonet Books anthologies to come out over the past […]