All the Chimera Company: Deep Cover issues are on Amazon now
Chimera Company: Deep Cover is out now
October 9, 2019
Chimera Company Issue #4
October 29, 2019
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All the Chimera Company: Deep Cover issues are on Amazon now

We're now live with Chimera Company: Deep Cover. Issue #2 dropped earlier this week and there are new issues of sci-fi adventure every Tuesday until early December. As of today, all the issues are up on pre-order, and since Amazon is taking a while to link these all together neatly, I thought I'd do it for them here. So... here are they are, showing off the wonderful artwork from Vincent Sammy and with links to the USA Kindle Store from which you should be able to navigate to your local regional store if necessary. (BTW once Chimera Company issues are released, Kindle Unlimited subscribers can borrow them for free, but you can only buy them when they are still on pre-order).

I haven't finished making the paperback and eBook collection, but they will be available by mid-December.

Thanks for reading.


Issue 1

Izza Zan Fey

Issue 2

The JSHC space station

Issue 3

Captain Fitz

Issue 4

Catkins, the Chief Mechanic of the Phantom.

Issue 5

Osu Sybutu in his Legion battle armor.

Issue 6

Kanha Wei: a mutant, possibly with Naval Intelligence.

Issue 7

The REEDs: Re-Education Enforcement Division.

Issue 8

Lily Hjon.

Issue 9

Verlys Sinofar, the paranoid and gun-obsessed Phantom security officer.


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