Announcing the Human Legion Wiki
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September 22, 2015
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September 28, 2015
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Announcing the Human Legion Wiki

Image (c) Algol / shutterstock.com

Image (c) Algol / shutterstock.com

Today I’m very proud to announce the Human Legion Wiki is officially open. No doubt you’ve seen Wikipedia, but you might not be aware that there are tens of thousands of other sites based on the same Wikia platform. In a blurring between real life and the worlds of the Human Legion five centuries hence, the Legion Infopedia is now available for you to explore in the present day. Not only that, but you can go and contribute yourself.

My thanks go out to the Legionaries who traveled time to construct our Human Legion wiki. These brave individuals are known only by their codenames: Homo Helveticus, and Porkchop NCR.

Take a look, enjoy, tell me what you think is missing, and report back in the comments.

To navigate to the Wiki, you can click on the image to the left or the same picture on the main screen of this webpage. For mobile users, I’ve added a link to the  main website menu.

I’ll be back soon for another announcement…

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  1. SGT MIKE says:

    That’s great!! Well done you two!!

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