Be careful what you say… or don’t say.
The spy who came in from the void…
March 13, 2021
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Be careful what you say… or don’t say.

The latest Chimera Company novel is published today. As a writer, getting books out and into the hands readers (or their ears) is what it’s all about.

Department 9 is my nineteenth novel. I have decided that novelists come of age after 21 novels, because that’s a milestone I expect to meet in the summer. Since I’ve not yet come of age, Department 9 is filled with writerly teenage vigor, and I use it to go dystopian in a world where failure to report an illegal act wins you the same punishment as if you were the perpetrator. And anything is illegal if those in authority choose it to be. Also goats. And ancient temples buried beneath desert sands.

Thank you to Theogony Books for making this happen, and to Vincent Sammy for realizing so spectacularly one of my characters (Lily Hjon) on the cover. She has a morphing body tattoo that reflects her unconscious state of mind, and currently it’s in razzle dazzle camo mode.

Please note that Department 9 is largely a re-issue of parts of the old Chimera Company season 2.

My next novel, Smuggler Queen, will be out next month.

You can find Department 9 on Amazon here:

amazon.com | amazon.co.uk | amazon.ca | amazon.com.au

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