Chimera Company, Sleeping Legion news, and Legion comms interference
The Legions are Legion. Anspach, Taylor, Thomas and Cole.
July 2, 2018
Chimera Company Issue Alpha2 out now
August 3, 2018
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Chimera Company, Sleeping Legion news, and Legion comms interference

Attention signed up Legionaries… I’m hearing reports that some of you are missing the Legion Bulletins that went out this week because mail servers are deciding they are spam, even with individuals who open every issue of the Bulletin. Gmail may have place the Bulletins in the ‘Promotions’ folder, even if you previously told Gmail that it belonged in the ‘Primary’ folder (which you can do in the desktop by right clicking the email in Gmail, saying it should go into Primary, and then clicking the popup at the top of the screen that says you want to do this for future emails).

Tuesday’s Legion Bulletin had the full edition of Bonaventure to download. That’s the novelette set at the time of Indigo Squad that I produced during the #WriteLive campaign, in which I wrote a new chapter in the morning and sent it in the evening. Repeat every day until complete.

Thursday’s had Issue Alpha-1 of Chimera Company to read. This is the new weekly adventure series coming out in force later in the year.

Check your emails, or go to the Bulletin archive by following the link at the bottom of any previous Bulletin.

And if you aren’t already signed up, you can do so by following this link and looking at the archive of back issues.

I’ve got to light the barbecue, so I won’t be long, but just to say that with the Sleeping Legion, a Kindle edition of Demons of Kor-Lir will be on sale for the first time next week, and there will be a series-wide 99c/p sale for next week only starting at some point tomorrow (Sunday, 22nd). Also, there is a new Lance Scipio story in the works.

Finally, the first six Human Legion books are also 99c/p but only for a few more days. Grab ’em all!

Thanks for your support.



  1. Melissa Bryan says:

    Thank you Tim for taking care of us. I got my emails. And have started read the new story. Thanks again.

    Melissa Bryan

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