Happy Christmas from the Human Legion
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December 18, 2015
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January 7, 2016
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Happy Christmas from the Human Legion

I’m in full-on Christmas mode now. Dad needs some sherry, the guinea pigs need more hay, and my son needs to engage in intense physical activity in case he explodes from excitement because tomorrow is Christmas Day.

I wanted to take a moment out to thank all of you for your support during 2015. It was December 26th 2014 when the first Human Legion book was published. Since then we’ve launched a total of four novels and sold around 70,000 copies. I say ‘we’ because I haven’t done this on my own. My most obvious partners are Ian Whates who is co-writing the main series with me, JR Handley with The Sleeping Legion, and the team at my audio publisher, Tantor Media. But there are many other members of the team whose generous support has made this year possible, including: all those who commented on the website or left reviews, our Force Recon teams, Mark Boss, Melissa Bryant, Homo Helveticus, and Porkchop NCR. Thank you all.

Next year sees the release of the conclusion to the main Human Legion Series, the new Sleeping Legion series from JR Handley, more short stories on the website and in anthologies, plus the first post-Human Legion novels from me. This may well be the Human Dynasty series that I mentioned a while back. Or there again, there’s another project I might work on first. Anyone like the Dresden files? Imagine Harry Dresden as a former Legionary with an SA-71 in his hands and a chip on his shoulder who joins a for-profit vigilante group…

Whatever happens next year, I promise it won’t be dull, and I hope you will stick with us.

From all of us at the Human Legion Writing Hut, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2016.


  1. Pat Viebey says:

    Merry Christmas!
    Hey, you write good mil SF and I like to read good mil SF…You’re very imaginative as well.
    So, lets keep the cycle going… You write, I happily read!

  2. Thanks, Pat. Like you say, ONWARDS! Happy Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas Tim, and I wish you and your young family all the health and wealth in the new year!

  4. Yikes, now it shows me as JR Handley instead of SGT Mike…. Guess the cats out of the bag, and I did it to myself! Ugh, the interwebs win again!!! LOL

  5. Mark Boss says:

    Tim, thanks for the kind words and the mention. I hope you, your family, and everyone here at Human Legion has a wonderful holiday season. I think we have a good year ahead of us.


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