Human Empire launch update
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October 14, 2015
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October 25, 2015
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Human Empire launch update

Image (c) Algol/  shutterstock.com

Image (c) Algol/ shutterstock.com

Busy, busy, busy! That’s the situation, as usual, at Human Legion HQ. Work is underway properly on Book5, in so far as we’ve written the first chapter. Doesn’t sound like much, but we know most of how the rest of the book works, just haven’t written it down yet. And we’re very good at writing words. I’m not saying we write good words, but we can type and dictate.

Our thanks to everyone who’s helped out by buying or borrowing the new book. Having a whole bunch of folk buy the book over a short period wakes up the Amazon algorithms and gets us visible in the charts so that those (rather sad, if I may say so) people who don’t follow humanlegion.com can see us and buy our books. Also, thank you to everybody who’s left reviews. Reviewing on Amazon, Goodreads, and askDavid makes a big impact on our sales. Especially when you say nice things!

We’re doing okay so far with the new book. Today we inched past our first thousand sales for the new book, and a few days ago we clocked up 60,000 for the series so far this year. That’s important because, you know, we’ve got to eat and stuff while we’re writing. And my son’s Lego addiction always needs feeding.

I love spending an hour so every week or two to talk about what’s hot in science fiction books (and beyond). It’s such an exciting time in SF literature that I’m bursting to talk about some of the stories that aren’t being told. If I don’t write down what I’m thinking about SF books, or talk through with someone I haven’t already bored to death, then I pace up and down talking to myself when I should be writing. Not good! I need to get it out my system but I’ve just been too busy this week. I do still track the charts all the time, though, and I did notice an author re-entering the top100 this week.




  1. SGT MIKE says:

    Is that Top 100 overall or for a specific category? Either way, congratulations!!!

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