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August 25, 2020
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February 3, 2021
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I’ve taken most of Chimera Company off sale

The switch to Theogony Books is underway. Currently the only Chimera Company books on sale are the paperback editions of the omnibuses and the Season 2 eBook boxed set. They will be removed presently.

Hopefully every has had plenty of notice in advance. If you’re actively enjoying Chimera Company and are stuck because the the next read isn’t available, do get in touch.

It’s a temporary thing until the Theogony releases come out. I don’t have dates yet, but expect some very soon.

I plan to finish the first draft of book4 next week. Expect to see inside Nyluga-Ree’s palace, go boating on a methane lake, see Phantom put through her paces in some desperate space combat, and learn the secret of the Broken Worlds.

Phantom in season 1

If you want to hear me talk about Chimera Company — and 4HU for that matter — you might want to listen in to this interview I did on the Unity 151 channel earlier in the month.

Can’t wait to get these Theogony editions to you and share where the Chimera adventure takes us next.

And finally, talking of Theogony Books, I was delighted to see my fellow Theogony author Kevin Steverson mentioned on SyFy.com here to announce his Salvage Title series being picked up by Hideout Pictures for the movie treatment. They’re great books, Kevin’s a great guy, and I’d love to see them on the big screen. Salvage Title has been one of Thogony’s recent successes in book form. It was already invigorating to be with the same publisher as a success like this, but being developed for the movies adds a zero onto the end of that.

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