More teasers: The Sleeping Legion
War Against the White Knights: Teaser#2
November 7, 2015
War Against the White Knights: Teaser#3
November 9, 2015
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More teasers: The Sleeping Legion

Secret agendas are everywhere in the worlds of the Human Legion. And here in the Human Legion production shed it’s just the same. There’s been an operation carried out in secret that will shortly be revealed. Here’s a clue now…



  1. SGT MIKE says:

    Totally mysterious, but looks good!!! Just call me when the action figures come out! 😉

    • Nearly ready. Just perfecting the voices the figures speak when you pull the cord dangling between their shoulder blades.

      • SGT MIKE says:

        Outstanding!!! Will they speak British or Murican? LOL

      • SGT MIKE says:

        Out-frickin-standing!! I went on a few patrols with the Kiwi’s over in Mesopotamia…. Great people, a tad crazy even by my standards!!!

        NOTE TO READERS: If a Kiwi Grunt offers you a ride in his Hummer, or whatever its nomenclature is, ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELT!! Oh, and keep a spare set of drawers handy, you might need them!

      • SGT MIKE says:

        PS: I was played rugby in college and for the base team while in the Army. I was a forward, but on a military team with height/weight standards we were often undersized. Can anyone guess our strategy? That’s right, “Running Game!” At 5’9″ and 200 pounds I was probably one of the smallest #3’s some of those guys ever had the privilege of tackling!! 😛

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