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April 17, 2015
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April 26, 2015
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Renegade Legion: a milestone

RenegadeLegion04I wrote the last scene today in Renegade Legion. Not the one that goes at the end (I wrote that last month) but the last one to be written. Now I’m running through some sections that need readjusting or reconnecting for consistency (Such as the dialogue from a character who died in a battle a hundred pages earlier. Oops! That’s just plain disrespectful). And another full read-through. Then I’ve got to lay it out. So still plenty of work before I’m ready to put it out on beta (though I’m hopeful that could be next week) but today is definitely a milestone.

Expect posts aplenty in the coming days on betas, trailers, sales, and maybe a short story from a character we’ve not seen much from up till now: Marine Laban Caccamo..


  1. timctaylor says:

    Reblogged this on Tim C. Taylor and commented:

    This is my big new release coming soon. The first two books (which came out last Christmas) have sold 40,000 so far. If this one does as well, I’m going to start feeling like a proper professional writer 🙂

    We shall see…

  2. SGT Mike says:

    Can’t wait to read it!! I’ve FINALLY started writing my own stories. What can I say, you’ve inspired me!

  3. Sam says:

    I can’t wait 🙂 So glad to see it is almost here 🙂

  4. Sam says:

    Ok my Birth day is just a few days away 🙂 if you have anything in mind 🙂 lol and no need for gift wrapping.

  5. David says:

    Love military sci fi. I totally enjoyed the last two books and am in agony waiting for the Renegade Legion to come out. I spent 18 years in the military and finding acronyms that we use in your books is nice.

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