Renegade Legion is close
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May 7, 2015
Renegade Legion is even closer…
May 15, 2015
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Renegade Legion is close

It’s only a proof copy with a shiny cover and different paper stock from the edition that will be published, but the task of finalising the  cover layout sure feels good.   


  1. SGT MIKE says:

    Oh so pretty!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ruopp says:

    Hi Tim,

    They look pretty good.

    I got a question for you that may interest other fans as well:

    Do you sell signed copies of your books?

    I know that with the EU tax rules things get pretty hard but maybe there are some of your fans that would really want to get a copy of your books signed.

    In the last five years I only bought digital books. The only two hardcopy I have were sent me by the publisher as they didn’t have a digital version. I’m sure I have a nice place on my book shelf to put all your books. 🙂

  3. SGT MIKE says:

    Good question, a few signed hardback editions might make us some money when Tim is the next big thing and Hollywood is drooling at his door!!!! I will take one too!!

  4. Connor says:

    Hi Tim! Just sent my first proofread edit to the e-mail in which you first sent the drafts from.

    If you haven’t received it let me know & I’ll send it to a different address!

    Cheers, Connor

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