War Against the White Knights: Teaser#4
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November 24, 2015
Human Dynasty – teaser
December 11, 2015
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War Against the White Knights: Teaser#4

… and he’s back again. Where were we?

The dreaded man flu has kept me from the blog for a while, and have I got news to share! Let’s begin with some more of the things that have me so excited to be writing the next Human Legion novel. Starting with the Night Hummers.

These mysterious aliens have been plotting the events of the Human Legion books for centuries. Or is that just more of their lies? We’ve already caught them whispering into important ears at several points. They’ve made Arun swear an oath to protect and nurture them from their coming extinction at the hands of the White Knights, but that oath has already led to the death of brave Marines in the Fall of Detroit. To the dark conspiracies and counter-conspiracies known to Jotuns, Trogs and maybe others, Arun, Springer, Xin and Indiya are pawns manufactured to play their part in a great interstellar game in which empires will be won or lost, and entire species fight for their very survival.

The Littoranes call them the mouthpieces of the gods, but who do the Night Hummers really speak for? What is their agenda? How much truth is there in what we think we know about them?

Read War Against the White Knights and learn the shocking truth.


  1. SGT Mike says:

    I would, but you haven’t published it yet! 😛

  2. Danny Manners says:

    Cant wait, looking forward to this the next instalment

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