Who should we recruit for the movie?
The Human Empire of tomorrow
October 8, 2015
Human Empire is out now
October 9, 2015
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Who should we recruit for the movie?

The Kindle version of Human Empire is working its way through Amazon’s servers. While I’m waiting, I’m going to take up a suggestion from Sergeant Mike. Now that the movie version of the Human Legion is inevitable (see my last post) let’s have some fun and figure out who we need to play the characters.

I’ll set the ball rolling with some actors who remind me of various characters. Some of the hair, skin color, age, and body shape doesn’t quite match, but something about these actors or their portrayals reminds me of some of the characters.

For Zug I definitely had Laurence Fishburne in mind. As in this pose.

For Springer, I think of Josette Simon as Dayna in Blake’s 7.

Kandyse McClure playing Lt. Dualla in Battlestar Galactica would make a good Indiya. I hope she’s prepared to dye her hair.

Sticking with Galactica, Grace Park would make a good Xin Lee.

Not so sure about Arun McEwan. I deliberately didn’t describe him in too much detail so that readers could form their own image in their heads. His name changed many times before publication. At one point he was called Richard Brand. Then I decided he looked Nordic with blond hair and renamed him Ernst Brand, forgetting I already had an Edward Brandt. He’s not blond now. Maybe he’s Danish? I’m a fan of Pilou Asbaek who showed great ability in Borgen and 1864, and is coming soon to Game of Thrones. Maybe he could play that key role? What do you think?


  1. Cpl Gordon says:

    I think Indya has to be very small and agile and would go for the 8yr old gymnast on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LayO1wW-b2o

    Grace Park would sweep me off my feet!

    Dana great I still remember her, I have the videos of Blakes 7

  2. SGT MIKE says:

    Oh, for Arun!! Ryan McPartlin!! He played Captain Awesome in Chuck..


  3. SGT MIKE says:

    You’ve got me thinking, every time I see an actor/actress now I wonder which Human Legion character they might play. 🙂

    I would love to see Adam Baldwin play one of the Marines, though he is too young for any of the cadet roles. Maybe he could play Sergeant Gupta!!!





  4. Miss Priss says:

    Let’s not for get this guy!! Shemar Moore could be a great addition to our little movie project!!


  5. Miss Priss says:

    Plus, he’s sexy!! <3

  6. SGT MIKE says:

    That is a great candidate for some other characters too…. 😉

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