Altered Carbon coming to NetFlix

I’m guessing I’m late to the game on this but I’ve just read an article about the TV adaptation of Altered Carbon,  the 2002 novel by Richard K. Morgan. I remember reading this when it came out and was one of the last paperbacks I bought (I was already reading eBooks by then, but title availability was limited). I thoroughly enjoyed it and its sequels. Morgan paints a grim future with touches of cyberpunk, and military SF, but at its heart it’s a mystery thriller. With guns.

I knew Morgan said he had an offer for movie/TV rights very early on, and that was what gave him enough financial headroom to concentrate on his writing. Didn’t think it would ever get made, but good luck to this show and to Mr. Morgan. And if anyone wants to offer me a lot of money for the TV rights for one of my book series, then I might be prepared to listen 🙂

Very broadly speaking, it’s in approximately the same space as my forthcoming Revenge Squad series. So if the TV show does well, I might find myself at the right place and time!  More details are at SciFiNow here.


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