Human Empire paperback cover
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September 28, 2015
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Human Empire paperback cover

We’re still awaiting some Recon Team reports, but are hopeful to get the next book out next week. Thanks for all the suggestions you’re making so far. Very helpful!

In the interim, here’s the paperback cover. The covers of Marine Cadet and Renegade Legion don’t relate to a specific scene in the books.  The ship on the cover of Indigo Squad is Beowulf and the deck plans match the image. We continued that idea further with Human Empire. The front cover image is actually a scene from the book.

Image (c) Algol, shutterstock.com

Image (c) Algol, shutterstock.com. Click for a closer look!



  1. Pete says:

    when will it be on Amazon UK Kindle??

  2. SGT MIKE says:

    Damn, that is looking sharp!! Well done, glad to know it represents a scene in the book!

  3. 53bryanm says:

    I’m sorry but how much long??? I love the look of the new cover but would rather take a better look at it in person…

  4. Marten Ekema says:

    I like the cover for Human Empire. Don’t know if anyone else has noticed similarity of the craft behind the crouching warrior and the little tractor to dare I say it the spacecraft from an old series called “Space 1999” that was used to ferry people around. Otherwise looking forward to the next book being on sale.

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