Human Legion Deluxe box set 1
Season 2 is complete. Boxed set available now.
December 18, 2019
My orcs rise from the ashes of a post-apoc anthology
January 30, 2020
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Human Legion Deluxe box set 1

The first of two Human Legion box sets has just been released. I’m going to add as many of the short stories, novelettes, articles and author notes as I can*, which is why I added the ‘deluxe’ label. I hope you feel it’s justified!

It’s a cool image of a slipcase box, but regrettably, that’s just the publishing fashion and this is only available as a Kindle book. The good part of that, though, is that if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can borrow this for free and skip to the bonus material if that’s what you prefer.


  • 2741 AD – Preface
  • 2565 AD – Marine Cadet (novel + new author notes)
  • 2566 AD – Indigo Squad (novel + new author notes)
  • 2567 AD – Trial of a Traitor (short story + new author notes)
  • 2568 AD – Renegade Legion (novel + new author notes)
  • 2792 AD/2566 AD – Bonaventure (novelette + new author notes)
  • 2397AD – My Extended Death (novelette + new author notes)
  • 2019AD – How the Legion Got its Name (article)

*I can’t put all of the short stories into these box sets because of rights restrictions. For completeists, I will bring all the Legion shorts together (including prequels and spinoffs) in a paperback later in 2020. If I get a spare few weeks, I’ll finally write Marine Novice as part of this.

In other news, I should have a story in a post-apocolyptic anthology out later this month.

Next month should see the release of Endless Night, my next 4HU novel. I should have the follow-up manuscript (The Dark before the Light) finished by the end of Feb.

And in March, I’ll be at the FantaSci Rocks convention at Durham, North Carolina. Hope to see you there.

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