Human Legion Recruitment Poster — revisions
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July 29, 2015
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August 12, 2015
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Human Legion Recruitment Poster — revisions

Added a new name to the poster. There’s a new version of the War Against the White Knights cover artwork too. The images are not painted to match the story (as I’ll explain in another post one day — that’s why I changed the War Against the White Knights image). However, I can go the other way. As you read the next book, Human Empire, hopefully as you’re reading along you’ll give a little start when you realize you are seeing the front cover image through the eyes of one of the characters.

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version


  1. SGT MIKE says:

    Love the new cover art!! I also liked seeing your erstwhile mute partner in crime on the cover too!!

  2. SGT MIKE says:

    Tell him to saunter on over and give us a big ole British howdy then!!! Heck, he can be as proper as he likes, tea finger lifted and what have you, if he proves he’s a real man!

    • LOL. He’s just come back form a convention where he did a book launch (David Gemmel Legends 2) having given a lecture on science fiction writing at Cambridge University. I’ll give him the day off, but you’re right, it’s time to hear directly from Mr. Whates.

    • … and he’s more a pint glass chap rather than bone China. Lifting his finger would mean an unacceptable risk to the contents of said glass.

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