Marine Novice: cover reveal
A scene from ‘The Battle of Earth’
May 5, 2017
New artwork. New novels. New beard.
June 27, 2017
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Marine Novice: cover reveal

Wanted to share some tasty artwork from Vincent Sammy for the Human Legion prequel novella due out early next year. That’s a young Arun McEwan and Springer on the cover. I’ve sketched out the story for Marine Novice in a fair amount of detail, but I’m not going to write it until the Legion climax: The Battle of Earth is completed. But spending time inside the head of this much younger version of McEwan is helping to tie up the end of the series more satisfyingly. It’s feeling natural as I bring the series to a close to be making reference to the first book, and to this prequel too. I’m stoked about how the new book is progressing. With a fair wind and strong coffee, I might just get a section of the new novel out for subscribers to the Legion Bulletin tomorrow (to subscribe you just need to join the Legion, which you can do from our Facebook page or from the menu of the website).

Followers and clients of Revenge Squad fear not. I haven’t forgotten you. We’ve had some useful feedback on new novel, Second Strike, from our early readers so far — thank you very much — and the book is off to the editor tomorrow.

And while we’re trooping the line, Operation Breakout, the third Sleeping Legion novel came out last month and JR Handley is progressing well on the next novel, Maternal Vengeance. He’s also been moonlighting in a universe set up by other authors, the faithless hussy! But, seriously, I’ve seen what he’s working on (along with Corey Truax) and it’s very exciting. Unfortunately, I think it’s still super secret and he’d have to kill me if I told you, which would be awkward because we haven’t finished the Sleeping Legion books yet. So maybe if you want the latest, you’d best check in regularly at JRHandley.com

Maybe out tomorrow, if you’ve joined the Legion.


  1. Melissa Bryan says:

    The art is befitting his excellent writing ability, I LOVE MR. TAYLOR STORIES. And he is finally getting the following his work deserves. Can’t wait to get them all so I can place them on my bed tables and see all the adventure I’m going to get to have. Nothing better then a ramp thru space with Tim C Taylor.

    Melissa Bryan

  2. JR Handley says:

    These new stories sound exciting, I can’t wait!

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