Marko Kloos interviewed
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December 11, 2015
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December 17, 2015
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Marko Kloos interviewed


The first Frontlines book.

Not by me, unfortunately, but there’s a podcast interview by the #Wrongfun podcast team that they carried out at the recent Honorcon militarySF convention at Raleigh, NC. [The interview is episode 7, which you can find here.] It’s a small world, because a guest of honor at next year’s Honorcon is Christopher G. Nuttall, and in a few days I’ll be announcing a collaboration that Chris and I are working on together.

If you don’t know about Marko Kloos and his ‘Frontlines’ series, then I recommend you check him out. I read the first book when it was still self-published by Marko, but now he’s published by 47 North (a very successful division of Amazon) which means he gets smarter covers, and has time to concentrate on his writing. Whatever the explanation, his series gets better with each book. In the interview you will hear how to pronounce his name (it’s ‘close’ as in ‘close but no cigar’) and a rude word in German. Highly recommended!

I never really caught the podcast bug until I upgraded to a fancier phone recently. If you’re a podcast newbie, the idea is that you stream or download shows to your tablet or phone (or laptop, but that’s trickier to carry around). You can subscribe to podcasts. What that means in practice is that my phone downloads podcasts in the background when it’s connected to the WiFi. So when I go “what’s been happing with my podcasts?” I can just whip out my phone and find the latest shows I’ve subscribed to already downloaded and ready to start listening.

There are a bunch of science fiction podcasts. A good place to start is with the #Wrongfun show. http://wrongfun.com/ You can also listen to their shows direction from their webpage. Episode 8 is an interview with a more established science fiction and fantasy podcasting star, Emma Newman, and her wonderful show, Tea and Jeopardy, which you can find here: http://www.teaandjeopardy.com/


  1. SGT Mike says:

    Love, love, love his works!! He is one I wait for anxiously between books in his series! 🙂

  2. SGT Mike says:

    I’m now listening to this podcast and the DEAD ROBOTS SOCIETY, good call recommending it! 🙂

    Though the whole Hugo fiasco is beyond me… not sure I get the whole hubbub, but good none the less.

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