Have a science fiction Christmas with Human Legion audiobooks
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December 11, 2015
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December 15, 2015
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Have a science fiction Christmas with Human Legion audiobooks


The audio cover is squatter but looks good to me.

Tantor Media have been busy producing audio editions of the first three novels in the Human Legion series. Narrator Tom Zingarelli does a fantastic job of bringing Arun McEwan and the others to life. It is a strange experience for me to hear a voice actor speak the words I wrote in 2014.


You can hear a sample of Marine Cadet here and of Indigo Squad here.

You can pre-order CDs or an mp3 download at the Tantor website (follow the links above to the audio samples). You can buy CDs from most Amazon stores too, though at the moment the purchase links seem to be for CDs only and aren’t available in Australia.

The audio edition of Marine Cadet is available to pre-order now for release on December 22nd. The next two audiobooks will be launched at monthly intervals.




  1. SGT Mike says:

    I like his voice, what I could hear from the sample works for me but they aren’t cheap! We also haven’t heard how he handles inter character dialogues, that’s where it can sometimes get wonky.

    • There’s quite a difference in price, I agree. The mp3 is cheaper and I’m expecting once its all launched that if you’ve bought the ebook you can upgrade to add the audio. I haven’t discussed that with the publisher yet.

  2. Cpl Gordon says:

    Mike I wish that I could read like that chap. If I had done the reading most people wouldn’t understand me because I speak with a Yorkshire accent. Too late for me to learn text book English. He does a great job!

    • SGT Mike says:

      Yes, I’m afraid you’re not the only who wasn’t gifted with a voice for radio. I just ain’t quite melodious enough I reckon……

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