Renegade Legion: available to pre-order now
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May 15, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Renegade Legion: available to pre-order now

Arun McEwan had a tough time in the first two Human Legion books. Well, guess what? Now he’s in charge, and it’s going to get a whole lot tougher in Renegade Legion.

RenegadeLegion04You can pre-order the Kindle edition now by following this link, for delivery by Whispersync on the publication date of June 6th.

You won’t have to wait quite that long, though. I know some of you are eager to read on, so I’ll make you an offer: if you buy the Kindle book on pre-release, but want the book before June 6th, then let me know by emailing humanlegionbooks@gmail.com.  As soon as  I have the release version of the Kindle book ready, I’ll email it to you. You don’t need to prove you bought the book, I’ll take it on trust. I need to give Amazon the final version of the book at least 10 days before publication date, so I will have the final edition ready by May 27th at the latest.

As for pricing, I’m following what I intend to be a standard Human Legion model, which is to offer the Kindle book for just 99c/ 99p while it’s on pre-release. That’s a reward for readers of humanlegion.com because you get to hear about the pre-release first. The bargain price isn’t entirely about me being nice 🙂 For the book to succeed commercially, I want the visibility of a high chart position on Amazon before I up the price, and I’m hoping the price will help get Renegade Legion up the charts.

There will be a paperback edition too, which will be available at the end of May.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has bought the Human Legion books, or borrowed them through Kindle Unlimited. It’s been an astonishingly successful year so far, with 42,000 Human Legion sales/borrows. That’s been enough to fund me to write the third and fourth books. I can’t express how much easier it is to write a book knowing I’ve already earned my writing time! Sales of the first two books are down to a trickle now, however, so… you can bet I’ll be watching those Amazon charts intently 🙂




  1. timctaylor says:

    Reblogged this on Tim C. Taylor and commented:

    My latest effort is on pre-release now, for delivery on June 6th (which will probably feel like The Longest Day as I watch the Amazon charts)

  2. ruopp says:

    Hi Tim, I checked your page at Amazon US (where my account is) and I don’t see the book there. The link you gave in your post sends me to the German site.

    • timctaylor says:

      Hans, you have bamboozled the Internet 😃. The link is trying to send you to your local store.

      I’ve just tried to pick up the .com address for you to paste here, but Amazon says the link is down. I guess I should have waited longer. The page was up a few hours ago, and it will be again soon. If you can get to the .de page before I post the .com link, you can edit the url directly. Book pages have the same address other than the country code. So the US link is the same as the German, just swapping .DE for .COM

      • ruopp says:

        Hi Tim,

        Sorry to answer only now, and thanks for the link.

        After analyzing the link that I was sent clicking on you posted link, I got the following: “http://www.amazon.de/Renegade-Legion-Human-Book-ebook/dp/B00XRMZMZQ?tag=geolinkerde-21”

        What I did to reach the order page was first change .de for .com and then erased “?tag=geolinkerde-21” and I got the pre-order page. That might work for other countries if you don’t buy from the pre-stablished Amazon site for your country.

        Anyway, Looking at your page (authors page) at Amazon US your pre-order option is not available.

        I use to pre-order a lot of books from different series and I noticed that some are available in the authors page others aren’t. It seems to me that there is an option on the author’s control panel that allow the pre-order show on his/her page or not.

        IMO it should be wise to check this at your Amazon CP or ask their support ’cause a lot of people check your Amazon page instead of your blog and many are notified by Amazon too. I also think that many of your fans doesn’t even know you have a site. People check the books but not read the author’s biography ans worse, people have to click “see more” to find out that you have a site. Guess how many do that?


        P.S. I pre-ordered the book the same day 🙂
        P.P.S. Just to make you feel a little guilt 😀 — I bought a book the latest of a series I was reading with about 200 pages and paid more than US$ 6.-, you you keep givin’ up your hard work.

        • timctaylor says:

          $6 for 200 pages. Ohhh! I’m looking forward to raising my prices once I’m out of pre-order. At your suggestion, I took a look at the AUthor page Amazon makes and they hadn’t associated my new book with me. So I’ve set Amazon to fix that, thanks.

      • SGT MIKE says:

        Dang Ruopp, you’re gonna make him price it out of my league!! LOL!!

      • ruopp says:

        Hi Sgt Mike,

        Dang me! It’s not my intention to put the price high enough that some people won’t be able to afford it. But let’s be fair, .99 is too cheap for his work, even if Tim’s intent is to promote his work.

        As I pointed out in another post the frequency you publish your books is a fair way to keep you in the top 100 and that also help sell the other books of the series. I use to check for new sci-fi books and when I find one I check if it’s part of a series and go to check out the first book and, if the plot appeals to me I read all the series and add the author to m list (that’s how I found out about Tim’s books).

        Back to the price, take a look at Ryk Brown’s price and you’ll see that all his books costs the same. 3.99 USD. I can say that in my opinion he’s a successful indie author. Not only he stopped to work on his day job to fully dedicate his time on writing but he was also able to take some flight lessons and buy a plane. Not bad at all.

        One of the reasons of his success is that he offers additional content to his books on his site, not only schematics for the ships but also a forum where people discuss the technologies and start to guess what’s gonna happens in the next book. There is even a fan that created a wiki site about the series.

        Right now he’s looking for some writers to write side stories (with his guidelines) from before the era of the main plot.

        If Tim change his price to 2.99 for all his book I don’t think that this will impact on anyone’s budget and on the other hand it will not discourage new readers to buy it.

        Tim is actually doing part of it with his side stories and some tech data. It’s also true that HL is 6 episodes only and we are already on the third book, but nothing forbids Tim to start a new series within the same universe he already create and even a sequel with more adventures for the HL.

        The first thing I think that Tim should do is change the place placed the link for his site on his biography at Amazon so it’s visible at once and not at the bottom where you have to click to read more, IMO that will help a lot people to find the HL website, then he can create a new website (hosted elsewhere) with a forum. Well at least this is what I do if I were him. 🙂

        Oh, and BTW if someone likes the idea of a wiki and wants to help creating one, why not contact Tim and offers the help and ask him if he agrees? If we check all wikis on the net we’ll find that many of them were created by fans and are quite complete. 🙂

        • timctaylor says:

          I’ve just bought my first Ryk Brown books yesterday, which makes your comment a nice coincidence. Ryk’s books are fairly lengthy and his backlist sells in reasonable levels. Having sold at those kind of rankings, I would say his books that have been out for a year or so, and ranking around #4000-#5000 are bringing him in about $100 per day. That’s very impressive. Mind you, his ability to write a large number of lengthy books that keep readers wanting the next book in the series is very impressive too.

      • SGT MIKE says:

        Ruopp, I know what you mean! LOL, I was kidding but I definitely think he should do whatever he needs to to be able to keep writing! As for the technology end of things, well that just isn’t my cup of tea!!! That said, a better website and a wiki thing sound excellent. How does one go about creating one?

      • ruopp says:

        Hi Sgt Mike,

        To create a wiki just go to http://www.wikia.com/Wikia. Being new to this tool, the first step should be read how to do it. Here is their Wikia basics page: http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Wikia_Basics

      • SGT MIKE says:


        I have started a Wikia Page for The Human Legion!! Now all I need to do is slowly fill it up. I am using Tim’s own words from this page as a starting point and linking back to this page in the article. This is all new to me, so check it out and help me get started!!

        SGT MIKE


      • ruopp says:

        Hi Tim,

        As asked by Mike, I’ll help him to fill the pages, The first thing I thought was to customize the page so it has the looks of the HL series. So I would like to ask you if you can send to any of us (Mike or me) the Human Legion Banner and some images we can add to the wiki? Can you also send us your bio and a photo so we can create the authors page, add all other books you’ve written.

      • ruopp says:

        You too Tim have a good day. And about fat fingers…. Why not edit your own comment instead of post a second one? You’re the only one that can do it. 😀

      • SGT MIKE says:

        Sounds like a plan guys!! Ruopp can help me get it better laid out and we can add stuff from this site before fluffing it up!

  3. Good reads so far. Waiting for the next installments!😃

  4. SGT MIKE says:

    Can’t wait to pre-order it!!!

  5. David says:

    Digital Order: May 20, 2015

    Items Ordered
    Renegade Legion (The Human Legion Book 3) [Kindle Edition, Pre-order]
    By: Tim C. Taylor
    Sold By: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

    Any applicable gift certificate and promotional balances will be applied to this order on release date.

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