The coolest rogue in the Federation
Chimera Company is in print
May 29, 2019
Will anyone get off Rho-Torkis alive?
June 18, 2019
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The coolest rogue in the Federation

Issue #7 of Chimera Company Season 1 came out yesterday. We’ve been on the ice world of Rho-Torkis so far, but we reach the spaceport and get a hint of the wider galaxy. And it’s a big one! It has smugglers and rogues too… That’s Captain Tavistock Fitzwilliam on the cover this week. Tap the image to find out more.

Issue 7 cover

I hope you’re enjoying the new series. How are you finding the weekly episodes? I know some people weren’t convinced and now are. Some weren’t and still aren’t, and a few (not many) get it from the off.

Currently, I’m planning on running Season 2 the same way. For Season 3, I don’t know. It’s possible I could deliver all in one go as a conventional book, but with Chimera Company, it will always be episodic like a TV series, even if I only publish an entire season in one go.

In other news:

  • I expect to finish writing Chimera Company Season 2 next week.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading betas for some of the forthcoming novels set in the Galaxy’s Edge universe. That’s a great series!
  • I’ve got time reserved to do the first Human Legion boxed set, which will come out in the summer. I realized I can’t put all the short stories in there for license reasons, so I’ll do a Human Legion short story paperback collection soon for completists (such as myself).
  • Enjoying getting back up to date reading the Four Horsemen Universe books. The Omega War strand (I wrote book 2 – The Midnight Sun ) is going to conclude later this month with (I think) book 12. So I won’t be writing any Omega War books, but the Four Horsemen story continues beyond and I think there’s a chance that in some way I will be revisiting the characters of The Midnight Sun so we learn what happened next. I certainly hope so. I have many ideas…
  • Walt’s busy doing narration. First of the new audios to be released will be Human Empire, then we’ll switch to Chimera Company Season 1.

Thanks for everyone who’s been supporting Chimera Company. It’s been a slow build so far, but word and sales are spreading. Still a long way from turning a profit, but I think we will in the long run. If you’ve enjoyed it, leaving a good review on Amazon will help to make it a success. 

Right, I’d better get back to writing. I’ve got a lot of words to dream up before the end of next week, and only the best ones will do 🙂

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