Will anyone get off Rho-Torkis alive?
The coolest rogue in the Federation
June 12, 2019
Chimera Company: Deep Cover is out now
October 9, 2019
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Will anyone get off Rho-Torkis alive?

Chimera Company faces impossible odds in the burning city of Bresca-Brevae. Will anyone make it through?

Well… I guess the fact that I’m about to finish writing Season 2 over the next few days kind of gives the game away. But not everyone makes it through Season 1. You have to keep reading through to Issue #8 to find out, and that’s the issue that came out today.

Issue 8 cover
The concluding episode! Tap the image to find out more…

I’ve loved doing these weekly serials. There’s more coming soon (late summer), but it’s not quite over yet for this current burst of everything Chimera Company. If you’ve joined the Legion, then I’ll be doing an end of season round of Legion Bulletins with background details on the Muryani Expansion that drops a few hints about later seasons (and some red herrings to keep you guessing). And then I’ll be sharing the first chapter of Season 2.

If you’ve not yet joined the Legion, why not? 🙂 You can get hold of some exclusive Legion fiction and hear the latest news and read all manner of things you can’t see elsewhere. Sign up for free here.

BTW: If you were waiting for the season collection or paperback, then wait no more. The ebook collection is here and paperback here.

What’s not ready yet is the audio. We’re working hard to bring more audio to you, but frankly I underestimated the amount of work it would take to bring it in house. The first audio release will be Human Empire, followed by Chimera Company Season 1. There’s still plenty to do, but I have to tell you that Walt Robillard has the perfect voice for narrating these stories.

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