The Invasion of Athena: Order of Battle
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March 2, 2016
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March 24, 2016
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The Invasion of Athena: Order of Battle

Book5 will be ready to roll, just as soon as the edits are back for the last section. While we’re waiting, I thought I’d give you a taste of what’s coming with a partial order of battle from partway through the book. You won’t recognise most of the names yet, but you should know a couple.

The Legion has certainly scaled up a little since they started with the First Tranquility Campaign, and not just with the units described here. Author J.R. Handley is working on what is going on back on Tranquility with his Sleeping Legion series. His plans for novellas have turned into novels, and a draft of the opening novel is undergoing an alpha test at the moment.

Alien UFO

image (c) mik38/ Fotolia

History of the Legion

– Order of Battle for the Invasion of Athena

The table below shows a representative sample of the major fighting formations of Army Group Sky Strike. Other units played a vital role but have been excluded: e.g. Recon battalions, cyber-strike battalions, and logistical units.


Army Group Sky Strike – Lt. Gen Xin Lee (Human)

Marine Navy Component –  Cmdr. Stonegaze (Jotun)

Heavy Support Squadron

Void Defense Squadron


Marine Air Force Component Group Capt. Shliack (Gliesan)

1st Shock Wing Wing Cmdr. Kulka (Human)

1st Scour Squadron

2nd Scour Squadron

3rd Scour Squadron

2nd Strategic Aerial Destruction Squadron

3rd Strategic Aerial Destruction Squadron

2nd Fighter Squadron

3rd Fighter Squadron

5th Fighter Squadron

6th Fighter Squadron


2nd Shock Wing Wing Cmdr. Dock (Human)

8th Scour Squadron

16th Scour Squadron

17th Scour Squadron

21st Scour Squadron

4th Strategic Aerial Destruction Squadron

1st Fighter Squadron

7th Fighter Squadron

8th Fighter Squadron

9th Fighter Squadron



The image shows a Valiant picket aircraft of 21st Scour Squadron in action on Day#1 of the Invasion of Athena. (c) The Life Tre-e  Project/ Shutterstock



3rd Shock Wing Wing Cmdr. Druas (Tallerman)

4th Shock Wing Wing Cmdr. Abayomi (Human)

5th Shock Wing – Wing Cmdr. Scalahal (Tallerman)


I Marine Army – Sub-General Balor (Jotun)

Marine Combat Engineer Regt.

3rd Field Artillery Regt.


1st Assault Marine Division

8th Tactical Marine Regt.

12th Assault Marine Regt.

87th Assault Marine Regt.

2nd Aerial Artillery Regt.


2nd Assault Marine Division

12th Assault Marine Regt.

87th Assault Marine Regt.

301st Void Marine Regt.

342nd Void Marine Regt.

1st Aerial Artillery Regt.


3rd Assault Marine Division

2nd Assault Marine Regt.

7th Assault Marine Regt.

8th Assault Marine Regt.

352nd Void Marine Regt.

3rd Aerial Artillery Regt.


1st Mechanized Infantry Division

1st Infantry Regt. (Human irregulars)

2nd Infantry Regt. (Human irregulars)

2nd Armored Claw (Tallerman)

3rd Armored Claw (Tallerman)

7th Armored Claw (Human/ Hardit irregulars)


II Marine Army – Sub-General Rutherford (Human)

III Marine Army – Sub-General Pree-Haccarem (Littorane)

IV Marine Army – Sub-General Byleist (Jotun)


Similar O/Bs are available for the following units:

Army Group Armored Fist – Lt. Gen Aelingir (Jotun)

Army Group Deep Assault – Lt. Gen Mountain Root (Troglodyte)

Orbital Reserve Army Group – Lt. Gen Graz (Tallerman)




  1. Andy Grimaud says:

    Awesome! Cant wait.

    Thanks Andy

  2. Your list has me VERY curious… Troglodytes huh? That’s what my drill sergeant said to describe my capacity as a soldier in basic training! 🙂

    And all that new tech to devour!! Could you PLEASE post Infopedias? Pretty please?

  3. PS: If I forget to write book two in my series it’s your fault for sucking me into WAR AGAINST THE WHITE KNIGHTS!!! LOL

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