War Against the White Knights
Book 5. It’s there…
March 25, 2016
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March 29, 2016
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War Against the White Knights

This Infopedia article originally appeared in War Against the White Knights

The fifth book in the Human Legion series is available from Amazon now in its Kindle edition. Paperback to follow shortly.

As is Legion custom, I’ve set a low launch price for loyal humanlegion.com subscribers to pick up the book for a song. I’ll be raising the price shortly, probably next week.

I do get asked whether it’s more helpful to me to wait and buy at a higher price, a question that I’m grateful that people want to ask.  Actually, buying now does help me because at this stage it’s all about getting the book in the charts and the Amazon selling algorithms so that people notice the book.

Enjoy the book.

There will be one more novel in the series, The Battle of Earth. No prizes for guessing where that’s set. I do plan for a collection of short stories to fill in the gaps in the timeline, explore the lives of characters who don’t get center stage in the main series, and generally have a good time. But that’s some way off. There’s also the Sleeping Legion, Revenge Squad, and Human Dynasty series coming at various stages. We’re not done yet!



  1. Danny Manners says:

    Just got it starting in a short while, must walk dogs first.

  2. Tom says:

    Just got the book, now I know how a rare Friday-off from work will be spent!

  3. Daniel says:

    Awesome , thanks , already purchased. Curiously only for .99$ , is that normal ?

  4. Mark Boss says:

    Just bought my copy. We should all fist bump and yell, “Amazon Algorithm Activate!” 🙂
    Seriously though, when I think back to book one of the series and how the whole Human Legion universe has grown, I think you’ve created an amazing journey for your readers. I know it’s been a lot of hard work, but you have a series to be proud of.

  5. Just bought my copy, but remember to add it to your author page! 🙂

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