BattleNet is up…
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July 6, 2016
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BattleNet is up…

BattleNet, our new Human Legion forums went up last night. Come along for a chat. It’s something I’m trialing, partly to give a way to share feedback on the recon team editions of forthcoming books. However, I’m seeing a lot of people registering and then going straight to the lost password screen. Is something wrong? Update: I can see the confusion, thanks to some help from MildDiscomfort. BattleNet works, but it’s a little confusing to get started. I’ll tidy that up.

If you want to join the recon teams, you need to first join the Legion, which you can do here. You don’t need to do so to chat away on BattleNet, which you can find here.

We’re planning to put the recon edition of the first Sleeping Legion book out to signed up Legionaries next week. I can’t wait! No, seriously, I can’t wait around for this because I’ve got to build the eBook and set it up with the distribution service. Lots to do, but it shall be done 🙂


  1. MildDiscomfort says:

    The password screen supplies a random string of characters. I pressed reset password on this screen thinking that my password scraper would capture it and had to go back to get another password. It’s not clear on that screen where the random string of char[] is coming from or that you can type over it to set your own password.

  2. pviebey says:

    I’m in, no issues. Will exercise mobile devices as well. Also, how does one become “signed up Legionaries”?

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