So long, JR Handley. Welcome, J.R. Handley.
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August 3, 2018
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September 15, 2018
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So long, JR Handley. Welcome, J.R. Handley.

Legion News! We are no longer publishing JR Handley. Following a major reevaluation of his life, the author previously going by that name wishes to be known as J.R. Handley. *Sigh*. In other words, I realized that JR has been published both with and without the dots in his name, and we’ve settled on the dotty version going forward as the most appropriate. Hopefully the changes will work through Amazon without causing too much mayhem. To celebrate this important event, his Sleeping Legion books will be 99c over the next few days, and this will be effective in Australia and Canada and discounted everywhere else, unlike the last promotion. If you find the books aren’t discounted, then wait a few hours and try again because it takes a few hours for Amazon to reflect the change. You can find more details and links here: https://humanlegion.com/books/the-sleeping-legion/


Elsewhere in the Legion world, I’ve been working 3,000 years away in the Perseus Arm with Chimera Company. The story and characters are really starting to come together, and I’ve been in talks with an exciting new distributor that would allow you to get issues delivered directly to your phone or tablet for a cheaper price than you could purchase on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo or elsewhere. Watch this space…

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