New releases: Chimera Company Season Beta Issue 2, and my Cthulhu Mythos story
So long, JR Handley. Welcome, J.R. Handley.
August 17, 2018
Legion Bulletin 47 dropped last night with the Chimera Company conclusion
September 25, 2018
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New releases: Chimera Company Season Beta Issue 2, and my Cthulhu Mythos story

Attention: Legionaries! The second of the three-part micro-series went out in the Legion Bulletin Thursday night. Check your spam folder if you didn’t see it. The concluding part is next week. This is the story that features the Legion. The Militia-centered mini-series concluded last month. I’ve already started the main series, but I’m still listening hard to feedback. Thank you very much to everyone who’s been commenting on the prequel series.

If you aren’t yet in the Legion, you can see old issues of the Bulletin and get a free starter library by signing up here.

I’ve also written a standalone Chimera Company novelette that features some of the same characters for a forthcoming military SF anthology that features the kind of top authors who get to put ‘best-selling’ and ‘award-winning’ after their names. I should be able to announce more details on that soon.

Talking of novelettes in anthologies, Tales from the Lyon’s Den: stories from the Four Horsemen Universe is launched Sept 28th by Seventh Seal Press. I regret to inform you that my story, Midnight Diplomacy does not feature a mech riding a dinosaur, but it is a madcap tale featuring the characters from my Midnight Sun novel.

And on the subject of anthologies, my latest release is in a series of superb pulp fiction called Adventures in the Arcane. I’m in volume 3, the Cthulhu Edition, and it features a tale of insanity and cosmic beings set in Birmingham, England in 1926. You can read more about the anthology in an article in the Panama City News Herald. Or you could just buy it here 🙂

And talking of the Four Horsemen Universe (I know… there’s a lot on at the moment), Clarion Game Studios are currently running a Kickstarter project to bring out a 4HU card game based on their Hull Breach game system. It’s got another 15 days in which to get enough funding to go ahead and we’re not there yet. You can find out more here. If you’re not interested in the game yourself, but you think you might know someone who is, please consider passing along the link. Thanks.

Chimera Company: weekly issues of concentrated science fiction adventure that will delight fans of classic Star Wars. Delivered to your Kindle device every Tuesday. Coming later in 2018… or maybe the start of 2019!


  1. Melissa Bryan says:

    Thank you for the new installment. I just found it. Can’t wait to get caught up. Keep them coming.

  2. tctaylor says:

    🙂 That’s the plan, Melissa.

  3. David Jansson says:

    Will there be an alternatives to Amazon for getting the Chimera Company stories. Like Smashwords or Feedbooks? I really liked the mini series.

    • tctaylor says:

      Hi David, I’m really glad you liked the mini series. So, Amazon… On the initial release, the stories will come out exclusively on Amazon, although that does include the series omnibus release as a paperback. What happens a little later is still up for grabs. I have to make the books Amazon-exclusive for 3 months, but after that, I may distribute them through iBooks, Kobo, Nook and elsewhere, or I may put them through a new startup called Fiction Vortex that is going live early next year. I’m also considering selling subscriptions directly from my website. I don’t inconvenience readers lightly, but I’m expecting to find that most readers will want to read the weekly releases through Kindle Unlimited, and for that I have to be Amazon-exclusive for three months.
      Regards, Tim.

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