Legion Bulletin 47 dropped last night with the Chimera Company conclusion
New releases: Chimera Company Season Beta Issue 2, and my Cthulhu Mythos story
September 15, 2018
JR Handley soars while Chimera Company gears up
November 23, 2018
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Legion Bulletin 47 dropped last night with the Chimera Company conclusion

Legion Bulletin 47 dropped in the inboxes of signed-up legionaries last night. This brings  to a conclusion the prequel micro-series featuring sapper of the Legion Osu Sybutu. I’ve invested a significant amount of time in the two prequel series and the prequel novelette I wrote for an anthology due in December. It’s paying off already, though. I’m most of the way through writing season one issue one, and I’m energized by this powerful backstory flooding around that I put in the prequels. For example, Osu Sybutu feels utterly wretched at the end of the issue that dropped last night. He feels like he’s betrayed his honor and that of the Legion. But in issue one, he gets the chance to make amends. You don’t need to read the prequels to enjoy the main seasons, but I feel the emotional depth that I perceive in the characters as a result, makes them much more vivid from the get go. I’m hoping y’all think so anyway!

In other news, I have a novelette called Midnight Diplomacy due out Friday 28th in the 4HU anthology, ‘Tales from the Lyon’s Den’. It features a number of exotic alien species, characters from my Midnight Sun stories, but regrettably I didn’t think to write a story about people riding T-Rexs.

Elsewhere in the 4HU, the audio edition of my novel The Midnight Sun is out in a month, and the Kickstarter for the 4HU card game, based on Hull Breach, is fast drawing to a close. Unfortunately, it looks at this point as if we’re not going to make the funding required, and the project will be cancelled. So, if you were thinking about joining the project, now is your last chance to do so (and there have been a number of updates in recent days). If you have gamer friends who might be interested, I’d appreciate if you passed on the link. Thank you. Here’s the link again: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2028461328/the-four-horsemen-omega-war-game

If you’ve not done so already, you can sign up to the Legion by following this link. It will give you access to past issues of the Legion Bulletin, and a free story library for the Human Legion, Revenge Squad, Sleeping Legion, and the Four Horsemen Universe.

Ah, yes. Did someone mention the Sleeping Legion? There’s a little more coming on that front by JR Handley before long. In fact, there has been a lot of secret activity in Handley Towers in recent months that will come to fruition very soon. Watch this space. (Or, better still, watch this space and JR Handley’s space too.)


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