Special launch deals end soon
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January 1, 2017
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January 28, 2017
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Special launch deals end soon

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I hope you’ve been enjoying the new series: The Sleeping Legion and Revenge Squad. The opening books have been at a special 99c/ 99p launch promotion, which is ending this week, so if you haven’t yet grabbed a copy then now would be a very good time. You can find the Amazon page by clicking on the cover images below.


Click on the cover image to go to  Amazon 

Click on the cover image to go to Amazon


Later this week I’ll be writing some more bonus material to go into the next Legion Bulletin, and some artwork downloads too. I know JR Handley has the pedal to the floor writing the next Sleeping Legion book: Operation Breakout,  and I’ve been writing a deadly Revenge Squad showdown with some LTB-10 combat droids (or Little Tin Bastards as they’re known) in Second Strike. When I take a break from writing the new Revenge Squad book, I’ve been sketching out the final Human Legion novel, and playing around with an idea for a Human Legion prequel novella featuring Arun and Springer. It’s a shock to me to encounter them so young. They’ve certainly changed over the years.


  1. Benjamin says:

    Thanks for the great reading!!
    I don’t see a digital version of Demons of Kor-lir on amazon… will that be coming?

    • tctaylor says:

      Hi Benjamin. Glad you’re enjoying your reading. There is already a Kindle and ePub edition of Demons of Kor-Lir, but it is exclusive to Legionaries. If you click on the ‘Join the Legion’ menu at the top-right of the main web page (or follow this link: https://humanlegion.com/join-the-legion/ ) and click the option to join the Legion, you should receive an email with links to download Demons and two other books. It’s free and you can unsubscribe whenever you fancy. If you try this and you don’t get the email, then let me know and I’ll sort you out. Best. Tim.

  2. JR Handley says:

    Love the artwork, and can’t wait to read your new novels!

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