Revenge Squad: Advance to Contact
Revenge Squad goes on pre-release tomorrow…
December 5, 2016
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December 13, 2016
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Revenge Squad: Advance to Contact

After War, the first book in the new Revenge Squad series is out on Kindle pre-order now, and I can tell you it feels very exciting, and not a little nervous, to have this finally out in the world. You can pre-order from Amazon now, and they will post the book onto your devices on December 20th, because Amazon is nice like that.

I’ll be saying plenty more about this urban fantasy/ space opera crossover series between now and Christmas, but for now a big thank you to everyone who helped with the recon edition, workshopping, my editor, Donna Scott, and artist Vincent Sammy.

Search for ‘After War’ in your local Kindle Store, or if you’re in the US you can follow this link, and this one for the UK.

If you like the book, or enjoyed the recon edition, then please take the time to leave a few words in a review on Amazon once it comes out of pre-order. It does make a big difference. For this launch to succeed commercially, potential readers will need to chance across the book and then check out the reviews to convince them that it’s worth downloading. No reviews; no downloads.

As a special launch pricing, I’m kicking the book off at 99 cents and whatever that translates to in other regional stores. The price will go up soon. I sometimes get friends and fans contact me because they are worried that I’m underselling at 99 cents, so let me explain. At the moment, the book’s biggest obstacle to success is obscurity. Starting off at 99c helps encourage impulse buys, and those impulse buys lead to an improved sales rank, which is what I need. Some potential readers will be put off by a 99c book, reasoning that the author doesn’t value the book. Well, that’s fine because I’ll be putting the price up for these people, just as soon as I have the increased visibility that comes from sales rank. That’s the plan, anyway. Wish me luck 🙂

If you want the paperback, I’m still working on that so it will be available before Christmas.

I’m working on it!

Between now and December 21st, we will be launching three books in the new Sleeping Legion military SF series from JR Handley, as well as the full launch of After War and Hurt U Back in the Revenge Squad series. Keep tuned for more info and teasers over the coming days.

Thanks for your support.



  1. Cpl Gordon says:

    Well done Tim and his team. Most of us have no idea how much effort has to go into writing and publishing a book so to aim for 5 books in December is like running a marathon race. I hope that you succeed Tim and your legionnaires like me give you the support that you deserve by buying the books and writing reviews. Get the books onto the market and then relax with your family over Christmas celebrating a job well done. For your New Year resolutions can you have one to write no more than one book each quarter so that I can get the time to read them without falling behind on my jobs around the house and garden?

  2. Mark Boss says:

    Wow, Tim, this is exciting stuff. Sounds like your team is going to bring people a lot of new stories this Christmas season. Judging by your publishing schedule, you guys have been working hard, and I’m sure readers will appreciate the new books. Good luck with the launches–I hope y’all sell a million. I just pre-ordered mine.

    Mark Boss

  3. JR Handley says:

    Cover design looks AMAZING!!!! Well done! Pre-ordered my copy as well!

  4. Robert. Young says:

    Great series, read it twice, cannot wait to get and read the rest

    • tctaylor says:

      Brilliant! Thanks, Robert, that’s just the encouragement I need to hear 🙂 I’m about 2/3rds through the first draft of the next novel, ‘Second Strike’ and have written some scenes for the next one ‘Blood Feeder’. So far we have an alien religious ceremony that goes badly wrong and leads to 1-on-1 ritual combat, fake gambling dens, slime hounds in heat, a corrupt politician, a not-at-all corrupt politician, and the revelation that one of the characters is a secret agent which conveys the right to use cool spy gear. Plus a lot of stuff gets blown up (sometimes the wrong stuff by accident). I can’t wait to publish this!

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