Revenge Squad goes on pre-release tomorrow…
Nick Webb’s Constitution deal, and my new book is out next week
December 2, 2016
Revenge Squad: Advance to Contact
December 7, 2016
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Revenge Squad goes on pre-release tomorrow…

… hopefully.

OK, there’s still work to be done, but I’m 99% sure that we will see After War pop up on Amazon Kindle pre-release late on Tuesday. I’ve been working on the finishing touches to the paperback tonight. Here’s a sneak peek…




  1. JR Handley says:

    Love the new cover art!!! Can’t wait to read the new books!!

  2. The Grumbeloe says:

    Well done! Hope all goes well tomorrow and that it reaches No. 1.

  3. Cpl Gordon says:

    As a beta reader, I have read the draft of the book and will be amongst the first to buy the real thing. Why you may ask, would I rush to buy the book? Well, for one thing, it is a very good story and well written. However, I can’t describe the thrill and excitement that I will get from reading the published version to discover if any of my suggestions have been incorporated.

  4. Marten Ekema says:

    I have just finished the recon version of Revenge Squad…….
    What can I say and where do I start……..
    I know I can do it with ONE word WOW. Very very good book I wasn’t able to put it down for very long. It really had me hooked. Loved the characters and the plot line, can’t wait for the next book to come out and will be buying this one when it’s actually published.
    Thanks for the advance read

    • tctaylor says:

      Glad you enjoyed it, Marten. I like to think I dish out a few sleepless nights from time to time when people read my books. Jim Butcher’s been doing that to me the past few weeks. If you haven’t read the second Revenge Squad book yet (Hurt U Back), then I would hold fire and wait till next week when I’ll be making it available through the website. There are some slight changes from the recon edition. Just a few tweaks, really. My fingers are crossed that you’re not the only one who will like these books!

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